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Our course will teach you how to build a sales page using the most popular website framework available in just minutes.

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Regain Your Confidence In Your Online Presence

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We aim to make the experience of building a sales page as easy as possible with as much guidance as we can provide. You'll learn how to re-harness your power and build a showcase of your best skills and services.


A Course Designed For Coaches Just Like You

A few years ago I had a coach who came to me in tears asking for me to help her with building her website. She had been struggling with Click Funnels for months and was burning money that they didn't have on a system that didn't make sense to her. After trying to build a website with the template her coach provided, she eventually gave up and hired me to build her website. This course was designed to allow coaches like her to be able to build their own website and start off with something immediately sellable and actionable.


You've Dried Your Eyes for the Last Time.

From the moment that our first client came to us in complete frustration because they couldn't figure out how to manage their website, we knew that something needed to be done about this. This course is designed to give you an actionable product that you can sell IMMEDIATELY after completion. With ease you will be able to create a page that sells your services or product in a way that's meaningful to your pocketbook.

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A Sales Page That Will Convert Visitors to Clients

A Mainstream Sales Page Built To Modern Standards

A Fully Built Out Sales Plan for How To Use Your Site

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"This course allowed me to take back the control I needed over my sales process. I now have an easy way to get clients to book with me, and I use it almost every day! Well worth the investment."

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Seamless Conversions

A Clear Brand Presence

A High Converting Sales Page

Easy Editing and Modifications

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11 Lessons | 3 Quizzes | 1 Masterful Sales Page

You'll walk away with the ability to manage your WordPress website pages and a full sales page that you can immediately start converting sales with.

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