What is a Nameserver?

Ryan Reiffenberger - Last Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Ryan Reiffenberger
Last Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Ryan is our Lead Web Architect here at Falls Technology Group. Starting in 1999, Ryan has been working on building websites, computers, and servers for over 20 years.

A nameserver is a crucial component of the internet that plays a vital role in how we access websites. Simply put, a nameserver is a server that translates domain names into IP addresses.

Have you ever stopped to consider how you are able to type a website’s name into your web browser and it takes you to the correct page? It’s all thanks to nameservers. When you enter a domain name into your browser, the browser contacts the nameserver to find out the IP address for that domain. The IP address is then used to connect to the correct web server and retrieve the website.

Without nameservers, we would have to remember long strings of numbers (IP addresses) to access websites. While it’s true that IP addresses are unique to each device connected to the internet, they are not easy to remember. Nameservers allow us to use easy-to-remember domain names instead.

Nameservers are essential for the functioning of the internet as we know it. They help to keep things organized and make it easier for users to access the websites they want to visit. So next time you type a domain name into your web browser and are taken to the correct website, take a moment to appreciate the role that nameservers play in making this possible.