What Is A Premium Domain?

Ryan Reiffenberger - Last Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Ryan Reiffenberger
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Ryan is our Lead Web Architect here at Falls Technology Group. Starting in 1999, Ryan has been working on building websites, computers, and servers for over 20 years.

Premium domain names are short, catchy, or memorable names that are already registered to a person, entity or organization. A good example of this would be a city or municipality. The cost of a premium domain can range from as low as $100 to as high as $750,000+ in some cases, depending on the current market conditions. These domains can range in price due to market changes and are typically more sought after than other domain names. For this reason, on average they tend to be much more expensive than your traditional domain name.

When considering the purchase or acquisition of a premium domain, there are a few factors you should consider.

  1. Are You Prepared For The Cost To Change Yearly?
    • This is an important factor to take into consideration. You will want to be sure that you are prepared for changes in your domain pricing, especially if you plan to improve the reputation of, or attach a business of value to that domain.
  2. Will The Profit From Your Domain Exceed The Yearly Cost?
    • As with any project expense, you will want to be sure that the cost of the domain is something you are able to cover every year, especially if the price goes up while you own the domain. It is very rare to find any domain registrars that will lock in the price of your domain purchase for longer than 10 years at a time.
  3. Will The Value of The Domain Appreciate With Time?
    • This is a bit trickier to determine and is more reliant on the results of your activity on the domain. If you continue to improve the domain reputation, draw more traffic, and make more money from the domain, it is a pretty sure bet that the value of the domain will increase over time. This gives you the ability to resell the domain to another owner later on if you choose.

Here are some examples of domains that would be considered Premium Domains. 

  • southdakota.com
  • abc.net
  • xyz.com
  • boom.com
  • zap.com
  • cars.com
  • atlanta.org

If you search for a premium domain name that’s already registered, we perform a basic search using the name you entered and provide a list of alternate domain names you might be interested in registering. We may place orders for premium domains on hold for an additional fraud check.

To purchase a premium domain name, simply add it to your shopping cart and proceed through checkout. There are two fees: a transfer fee and a registration fee. Sales tax is applicable to premium domain names. After payment, the domain will briefly move into a holding account and then we’ll then transfer it to your account. We charge subsequent renewals at the normal renewal price, unless a premium domain has special renewal pricing. You can access the domain name in your account after we complete the transfer process.