What is Domain ID Protection?

Ryan Reiffenberger - Last Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Ryan Reiffenberger
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Ryan is our Lead Web Architect here at Falls Technology Group. Starting in 1999, Ryan has been working on building websites, computers, and servers for over 20 years.

Domain ID protection (also known as WHOIS privacy) hides your personal or company contact information from the publicly accessible WHOIS database.

When you registered a domain you are required to provide accurate contact details which must be verified. This is in accordance with regulations set forth by ICANN. These contact details are then stored in a publicly accessible database called the ‘WHOIS database’. Unfortunately, this particular database has become a hot spot for scammer activity, with scammers using this data to target domain owners for quick money making schemes.

Domain ID protects you from this by acting as a proxy, listing the WHOIS Agent’s information in the WHOIS database rather than your own. This will not affect the functionality of your domain. If you wish to keep your information private, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing Domain ID Protection from whatever registrar you are housing your domains with. Nearly every provider has the ability to offer this, and for the low cost, it will save you a LOT of hassle later on to invest in your domain now.


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Which TLDs allow ID Protect?

Domain ID Protection can be used with .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .tv, .cc and .me

How does ID Protect help reduce spam?

We filter email sent to the address before it is forwarded on, we also change the Whois email address several times a year to prevent spam to your inbox.

What if someone sends something to the Whois Privacy Protection Service by post?

If it does not appear to be unsolicited then the service will either forward on the mail or fax over the communication.

What if I need to prove ownership of a domain?

To prove ownership of your domain, you can temporarily disable ID Protect and then ask the verifying party to confirm whois results. This may be necessary for example if you wish to transfer the domain to another registrar. To do this, simply submit a ticket and we’ll take care of this right away.

If I transfer my domain will Domain ID protection still work?

No, if you transfer your domain you must disable domain ID protection, most registrars provide a similar service which you can purchase from your new provider.

As always, if you have questions about domains, web hosting, or how all of this works, do not hesitate to send our team an inquiry and we’d be happy to help.