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How Your Website Fits Into Your Marketing Plan

Last Updated on 

October 27, 2022


Ryan T. M. Reiffenberger

In a world where much of what we buy comes from our time online, having a website is a non-negotiable for any business that wants to be successful in the modern age. Building a place where your prospects can land to learn about your business, your products, and your ethos is incredibly important to your sales process as it allows you to eliminate much of the manual work when converting sales.

Websites serve as a beacon for your business online and a centralizing resource that can connect all of your other services together. A great example of this would be a social bar on your website that links people out to your account on the social media platform of their choosing. It’s a great way to get people connected to you whilst still catering to their desire to use their preferred platform.

The Pros and Cons

When constructing your website, you will want to be careful about how you execute the project. Building the wrong layout or an unfriendly website can be devastating to your online reputation and can get in the way of you building and growing your business, especially online. If your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t configured correctly, you can end up in front of the wrong audiences, broadcasting the wrong message, or even obscuring your site from being scanned by search engines that put you in front of the very prospects you are looking to sell to. Additionally, if you build a website that is difficult to navigate or incomplete, it can also send the wrong message to your clients that you may be difficult to work with, or that you are not able to reliably launch a full project.

On the flip side, your website can also serve as a great landing zone for your advertising campaigns and sales efforts. By giving them a link, you put the power in their hands to be able to complete the sales process wherever they are and get all of the necessary information on their screen to do so. Interweaving your website into your sales funnels and processes is a great way to do just that. Furthermore, your website serves to explain to your clients WHO you are, and WHAT you do, which are two of the most important questions that people ask before they buy from anyone.

How It Works

After constructing a site for your visitors, you will need to ensure that you’re driving traffic to your domain. Building a website is NOT like the expression “Build it and they will come.” – Far from it, actually. You can spend thousands of dollars on a website but if nobody knows about it then your traffic will never grow at the rate that you want it to. Some great ways to do this are to utilize Google or Facebook ads if you want to run paid marketing, or to use authority building and relationship building strategies to help broadcast your website.

Once visitors arrive on your site, you’ve got about two to three clicks to reel them in before they will likely leave. Unless your client is looking for something specific that they already know that you have, you will need to do the work of hooking them in with an offer that’s desirable but not intrusive. This can be tricky, but is easily doable with the right copywriting and SEO strategies. You need to layer these on top of your visitor acquisition strategies to build a solid foundation for your website.

With all of these things put together you can effectively build a marketing strategy with your website. Without the proper foundation, your website will just sit on the internet without the visitors that you are trying to procure.

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