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What are Bots?

Last Updated on 

March 3, 2024


Ryan T. M. Reiffenberger

A bot is a type of software application that is designed to automate certain tasks. These tasks can include anything from simple tasks like answering frequently asked questions to more complex tasks such as moderating online discussions or providing customer support. Bots are often used in online environments to provide a more efficient and convenient way of interacting with people or accessing information. Some examples of bots include chatbots, which are used to communicate with people in online chat rooms or on social media, and virtual assistants, which can help users to schedule appointments or find information on the internet.

What can malicious bots do to websites?

Malicious bots, also known as “bad bots,” are designed to carry out harmful activities on websites. These activities can include spamming, scraping sensitive data from websites, launching denial of service (DoS) attacks, and attempting to gain unauthorized access to website accounts. Bad bots can also be used to carry out various forms of fraud, such as click fraud or credit card fraud. In general, bad bots can cause significant damage to websites, and can even lead to the loss of sensitive information or financial loss for the website owner. Because of this, it is important for website owners to take steps to protect their sites from malicious bots. This can include implementing security measures such as captcha verification or using a web application firewall.

What can good bots do for websites?

Good bots, also known as “legitimate bots,” are designed to carry out useful tasks on websites. These tasks can include things like indexing websites for search engines, monitoring website performance, and gathering data for analytical purposes. Good bots can also be used to automate certain processes on websites, such as posting updates on social media or adding new products to an online store. In general, good bots can help to improve the functionality and efficiency of websites, and can provide valuable insights for website owners. Some examples of good bots include search engine crawlers, which help to index websites for search engines, and analytics bots, which can gather data about website traffic and user behavior.

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