Managed WordPress Hosting

MWP-C1-1GB11 GB10 GB1 TB$36.00/month
MWP-C2-2GB22 GB20 GB2 TB$42.00/month
MWP-C4-4GB44 GB40 GB4 TB$55.00/month
MWP-C8-8GB88 GB80 GB8 TB$79.00/month
These are our Managed WordPress plans. Each of these plans come with hosting, product support, backups, rollbacks, updates, caching, a Content Delivery Network connection, and minification. These plans are perfect for those that want to JUST manage the content on their WordPress installation without having to worry about all of the technical details.
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WordPress is the Most Used Content Management System for websites in 2021 by a landslide, is routinely updated by a trusted development team and is one of the most flexible website platforms available.

Out of the top 1 Million Live Websites WordPress accounted for 36.17% of back-end platforms used to manage the site. This is a pretty compelling statistic considering that number only goes up when you look at the Top 100k (36.61%) and Top 10k (37.54%) websites. (

Currently there is an estimated 28,183,568 live websites using WordPress, giving millions more people access to a powerful and flexible platform that can deliver you exactly what your visitors need in a website experience. (

One Service - Complete Coverage

Your mission is the most important thing on your mind, but sometimes it's nice to know the specifics. Below is everything included with your services.

Storage Isolated

Rollbacks and
Account Recovery

WordPress Optimized
CDN Integration Network

Uptime Monitoring and Health Checking

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Compression and Tuning

WordPress Core System and Plugin Updates

We Provide Services For

Biz Owners

Simplify your web hosting experience with an easy to use interface, and a responsive team of specialists to help you every step of the way.


Build your client's website on a solid platform that gives you everything you need without having to pay for each and every small feature.


Simplify your application development process with Git versioning and full filesystem, command line, DNS, and database controls.

Build Almost Anything

✔️ Personal and Lifestyle Blogs are a perfect fit for WordPress right out of the box. Tell your story, share your thoughts, and teach others your special skills.

✔️ Business Websites and Landing Pages can easily be created within WordPress, giving you an easy to use platform to deliver your message.

✔️ E-Commerce and Online Stores have become a major feature of WordPress that has been used more and more. Sell, Manage, and Organize your inventory with ease.

✔️ Membership Websites and Knowledge Bases can easily be created with a few modifications, giving you a fully customizable experience.

✔️ Automation Platforms are easy to create, giving you the ability to have your WordPress control the functionality of many things including your social media.


Starting Your Dream Doesn't Have To Be Stressful.

Get started with a rock-solid platform for a flat cost that will help you get your message out to the world.

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