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Feed Earth Now (FEN), LLC, an accelerated composting technology company needed a website that reflected their newly updated branding, as well as their full range of applications and uses for their product Terreplenish®. They approached a whitelabel partner of ours to have a site built, and we were subcontracted in to assist in constructing the website for the digital marketing plan they were building for their organization. We were able to build a website that reflected not only the applications of use, but additional scientific information and valuable reference information to help their customers make informed purchases in the process.

About Feed Earth Now, LLC


Founded in 2012 under the parent company Feed Earth Now, Terreplenish® has been trail-blazing our way in regenerative agriculture by creating a method that converts green waste into a free-living microbial solution that re-establishes the beneficial micro-flora in soil, increasing water-holding capacity, enabling farmers to produce larger yields and control plant diseases naturally, without chemicals.

Their company envisions a world where valuable resources are cycled back into the soil in a restorative way, creating a pathway toward environmental prosperity and sustainable ecosystems that will ensure our children and their communities thrive for future generations.

Project Summary

Next Play Marketing reached out to us to have a website constructed for Feed Earth Now, LLC’s leading product – Terreplenish® as part of their new marketing plan and branding rework. With a wealth of statistics and data about their product, we worked cooperatively with Next Play Marketing to construct a website that is easy to navigate, while providing easy visibility into advanced product information and studies, allowing visitors to do more research about the product use cases for their specific industry application.

Our primary goals with this project were the following:

  • Provide ease of access to advanced scientific data about the product while maintaining a friendly user interface
  • Store product study and application information in the website in a standardized and easily searchable format
  • Integrate simple E-Commerce functionality to allow online ordering
  • Provide a Lead Magnet Sales Kit download that can be easily integrated across the site

Final Results



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