Managed Reseller Hosting

MRS-C4-6GB46 GB100 GB5 TB$137.00/month
MRS-C6-8GB68 GB250 GB7.5 TB$230.00/month
MRS-C8-10GB810 GB500 GB10 TB$384.00/month
These are our Managed Reseller plans. Each of these plans come with hosting, product support, backups, rollbacks, and provisioning management. These plans are perfect for agencies who want a leg up to be able to provide hosting services to their clients without any of the technical hassle.


Free SSL Certificates

Virus Protection

NVMe SSD Storage

Daily Backups

WordPress Manager

One-Click Installations

Timely Support

24x7x365 Support

We Will Help You Host and Manage Your Client Websites.

We understand that the design and sales portion of Website Design takes up enough of your time without managing server issues, provisioning accounts, or figuring out system issues. Our team will stand by on-demand for support if you need help getting things set up, plans configured, or even troubleshooting your accounts.

Wordpress Snippet

Domain Management

We provide domain management services for resellers, allowing you to sit back and focus on your work while we process registrations and transfers on behalf of your clients.

Hosting Management

Have a hosting hiccup? Our team is here to support you through the process. We'll help provision, manage, and configure your cPanel instances for each client.

WordPress Management

Our team has decades of combined experience with WordPress and will help you deploy, configure, and troubleshoot installations to make sure you can keep on building.

We Provide Services For

Biz Owners

Simplify your web hosting experience with an easy to use interface, and a responsive team of specialists to help you every step of the way.


Build your client's website on a solid platform that gives you everything you need without having to pay for each and every small feature.


Simplify your application development process with Git versioning and full filesystem, command line, DNS, and database controls.

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