Eliminate the headache of managing your own website.

Our premium unified service offers full holistic coverage of your website including everything that you need to have a "set-it-and-forget-it" experience. Our team will handle every aspect of your site, allowing you to focus 100% on building your business while we handle everything else.

How Does It Work?

After years of managing websites for clients, we discovered that there was a better way to help clients manage their sites.


Our clients have special access to our private datacenter of servers across the United States that allow us to customize your hosting experience to give each individual client the best possible performance.


We include full maintenance and support for your website, keeping you covered with backups, uptime monitoring, frequent security audits, broken link checking, and more. We're here to keep your site online 24x7x365.


Need to have changes made to your website? Going through a rebrand, or have new content that you want on your site? Our team will handle the publishing and management of all of your content, including your blog.

Why Go Unified?

We often get questions asking why it is more beneficial to go with an all-in-one provider instead of going with multiple companies. Overall, through our years of research and working with clients, we've discovered the following trends:

Clients who split their services across two or more companies typically have

  • a higher monthly spend and a larger overall annual cost.
  • experience a higher level of complication keeping things inter-connected.
  • a more inconsistent support experience when getting help for their website.
  • a longer wait-time when requesting updates or changes to their website.
FTG House

What's Included

Locally Owned & Managed Web Hosting

By managing our own infrastructure we can solve problems faster and provide better service.

Core Updates and Plugin Updates

By ensuring your system is up to date and patched, we can guarantee a high level of uptime.

Performance Optimization & SEO

By ensuring your system is optimized, we can guarantee a high-performing site that Google can index.

Backups & Uptime Monitoring

By backing up your system, we can guarantee recovery of your site if something goes wrong.

Design & Layout Changes

By keeping your site modernized we can ensure that your visitors get a great experience every time.

Ready To Get Started?

Our team will perform a quick analysis of your site to determine which plan is the best fit for your website based on factors like website size and monthly visitors. Simply fill out the form and our team will be in touch usually within a few minutes.