What is a WordPress Plugin? (And What Are They For?)

By Ryan T. M. Reiffenberger | October 25, 2021

This article is part of a multi-part series. We recommend starting from the beginning to get the most comprehensive overview of WordPress. To do so, click here. Welcome back to another installment of How to Build With WordPress. In this series, we are taking a dive into the many parts of the machine that IS the…

What is a WordPress Theme? (And How to Pick One)

By Ryan T. M. Reiffenberger | October 19, 2021

If you’ve used WordPress before, you know that there are many parts to the machine that IS the WordPress engine. Between the different taxonomies like Posts and Pages to the Permalink Configurations, Plugins, and Themes you can use, sometimes it gets difficult to tell what part of the website is what and where you should…

How to Switch Your Web Hosting Without Harming SEO

By Ryan T. M. Reiffenberger | December 14, 2020

One of the biggest fears that any website owner has is that all of the hard work they have put in on building their SEO rankings will be impacted when they switch hosts. It’s pretty common that we get this question, so we’re here to break this all down for you. TL;DR: Does Your Web…

The Importance of SSL Certificates in Your SEO Rankings

By Ryan T. M. Reiffenberger | December 8, 2020

Nowadays, SEO is a very hot topics with discussions ranging from E-Commerce stores to startups and podcasts. It also turns out, that SSL has become a very important part of this. But how important is it really to your rankings on Google and Bing? Actually, very much so. See, Google and Bing want their users…

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by a Web Host

By Ryan T. M. Reiffenberger | July 9, 2020